The art of the word - drama

This translation is a brief summary of the text in Dutch. The full version is available in Dutch.

Children from the age of 6 discover words, sounds and rhythms through play. Children can opt for an introductory course in the ‘art of the word - drama’ only or for a cross-disciplinary introductory course. This means that they can try out ‘art of the word - drama’ in combination with one or more other disciplines. Academies often offer the ‘Music’ and ‘The Art of the Word - Drama’ combination.

This introductory course is not compulsory to start the course as of the age of 8. Children do not have to take any assessment tests.

Children from the age of 8 explore the world of the theatre in the words workshop. They dress up and work in groups on courage, imagination, expression and articulation.

Adolescents from the age of 12 can choose between narrative theatre, acting theatre or speaking and narrating. Here you try out all the subjects that you can choose from the fourth grade. You discover challenging forms of speaking, narrating and acting and you work with a variety of texts.

From the age of 15 you opt specifically for ‘performing actor’ or ‘creative actor’. In the acting and narrative theatre lessons (performing actor), you learn to act in a variety of roles or genres. Do you want to work on your voice techniques, speak in all sorts of forms (speech, slam poetry, storytelling, etc.) and write texts yourself? In that case, choose ‘creative actor’.

Adults without previous training (from the age of 15) start in the adult group immediately and follow a specific programme within the academy. 

Conditions of admission may apply for the disciplines of Music, Word and Dance. Contact the academy for more information.

Consult the School Seeker for details of the courses on offer at the academies.